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Broadcast Pix offers innovative live video production solutions that include integrated production switchers, 3D graphic creators, sports replay systems and visual radio. Ideal for any production, Broadcast Pix systems provide exceptional ways to easily create, control and deliver dynamic live video.

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New Product

New mobile Roadie simplifies live productions on location. Powerful yet lightweight with built-in HD streaming & recording.

New Software

New Universal Version 5 software is coming soon for all models. Includes Virtual Set Studios, Camera Control and more.

Featured Option

New integrated router control, for AJA KUMO SDI routers, is now available in new V4.5 and V3.5 software. Get it today!

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How to find your serial number

How to find your serial number

Broadcast Pix Support tracks all of its issues by a system's serial number. Please have your serial number ready when contacting Support, so that we can quickly looks at the specifications of your system and any past issues you might have had. There are two ways to find your serial number: Physically on the workstation or in Windows.

Physically on workstation:

A sticker with your serial number was placed on the unit at the time of shipping. Granite units will be on the back of the Switcher and the Server(computer)as well. They would start with GSW on the Switcher, GSC on the Server. For units shipped before October 24, 2008, it is on the right hand side of the computer workstation, towards the rear. For units shipped after that date, it is located on the front of the unit, inside the door.

Serial number in Windows:

mypcprop_serialnumber.jpgGo to the Start Menu, right-click on “My Computer”, then select “Properties”. Along the top of the System Properties window which will open, select the “Computer Name” tab. Your serial number will be located there listed as the “Full Computer Name” and should start with "BPW”. If it does not start with BPW, it has been changed after it left the factory and is no longer the serial number. computername_serialnumber.jpg

200px-wcfe-tv_logo.svg.pngThe control surface is nice, pretty intuitive. Whatever changes you make are reflected in the PixButtons, which is nice. It’s got very good bang for the buck. Broadcast Pix does it all in one box at a very attractive price. We like it a lot.”

- Charlie Zarbo
Director of engineering
Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE)
Plattsburgh, N.Y.