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Broadcast Pix Literature

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What's New for 2015

Version 5 Switchers

Broadcast Pix Roadie
New Mobile System featuring V5

Broadcast Pix Flint Series  

Featuring New V5

Broadcast Pix Mica Series
Featuring New V5

Broadcast Pix Granite Series
Featuring New V5

Broadcast Pix FX3D
Real-time 3D Graphics

Broadcast Pix ReVue
Slow Motion Sports Replay

Broadcast Pix VOX
Voice-automated Productions

Broadcast Pix Rapid CG

Product Owner's Manuals and Installation Planning Guides can be found on our Support page, here.

For any questions regarding our sales literature or product line, contact a Broadcast Pix expert today!

Talk to an Expert
TVC TV LogoIt’s fun to program your own vision and have it show up almost immediately. Mica has just made our workflow much more sensible, creative, and easier.”

- Thaddeus Girard
TVCTV production services manager
Tualatin Valley Community TV (TVCTV)
Beaverton, OR