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Sports Production Bundle

Switcher + sports replay + graphics > a perfect combination. By offering a truly integrated approach to clients working in the live sports environments’, Broadcast Pix offer a compelling solution, allowing customers produce stunning live sports by using the Broadcast Pix sports bundle.  Our sport bundle includes the powerful Granite X integrated production switcher, ReVue sports replay system and FX3D to create and control stunning 3D graphics. By using the best players in live video sports production possible, your next sporting event is sure to be a winner!

Granite X

Large-scale Integrated Production Switchers

The Granite X series a powerful system designed for the most demanding productions. It includes a switcher and server that offers 22 SDI inputs and 12 outputs, plus 7 channels of file-based inputs, 6 key layers, a dual channel clip server that holds 180 hours of clips, graphics and access to cloud-based content. This innovative system also includes 2 M/E's, up to 4 multi-view outputs, low latency and high redundancy. Add one of our patented control panels and you will see why Granite X is the ultimate choice in integrated production switchers. More on Granite
Broadcast Pix Granite X


Next Generation Sports Replay

ReVue seamlessly works with any Broadcast Pix integrated production system or independently in other production environments. Ideal for any sport, such as Soccer, Football, Baseball or Basketball, Revue will deliver stunning multiple angle replays with variable speeds. ReVue will deliver with it's powerful multi-source HD server and inuitive controls surfaces, giving winning performances at any sporting event. See why ReVue is the professional HD slow motion replay system offers broadcast-quality results and control to capture and relive all the highlights at your next sports event. More on ReVue
  Broadcast Pix ReVue


Real-time 3D Graphics

FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG, this powerful system allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Then simply build stunning 3D and 2D graphics with our easy to use interfaces and a template-based rundown controller. FX3D allows you to import 3D models such as OBJ or files from Maya, Lightwave, 3DS max, then add animation, texture mapping, lighting to the objects. Combine all this with animations that come preloaded with every system from our extensive library of assets. See how FX3D makes it easy to produce high end graphics with unlimited possibilities! More on FX3D
  Broadcast Pix FX3D

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Spectrum Productions LogoDelay is a big problem for live events. The Granite has very minimal latency, and that was a factor in selecting it.”

- Preston MacIntyre
Spectrum Productions