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Video Production Solutions

Switchers / Graphics / Slow Motion / Visual Radio

Broadcast Pix offers many ways for anyone to create dynamic live video. Our innovative product line includes integrated production switchers, graphic creation systems, slow motion sports replay and visual radio.


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Master the art of live video production with Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers. Each system features Fluent Control, our unique combination of integrated production workflows and powerful performance tools. Experience total control over all your show elements including cameras, clips, files, effects and more. Depend on Fluent Control, which automates and streamlines the video production process, to make it easy for even a single operator to create exciting live video.

Roadie / Flint / Mica / Granite

Integrated Production Switchers


In addition to Fluent Control, every Broadcast Pix switcher includes:

  • The ability to configure your ideal system with up to 22 inputs and 38 channels of files
  • Choice of control surface including touch screen, iPad app, virtual panels or 1 of 5 control panels
  • Ingest and control of multiple cameras, clips, files, effects, cloud content and social media sources
  • Built-in dual-channel cg and clip server, holds up to 180 hours of clips and graphics
  • Patented device controls with unique PixButtons
  • File-based Fluent Macros
  • Show Transfer to import/export shows
  • Show Edit
  • ClearKey chromakeyer
  • Virtual Sets
  • Completely customizable multi-view, up to 4 screens
  • Embedded Audio
  • Control of robotic cameras, servers, streamers, recorders and audio-video-follow
  • High redundancy and low latency
  • Delivery of professional live video for broadcast, streaming and live events

Roadie Mobile Production
Stream and record with 4 multi-def inputs

The Flint Series

Entry system with 4 or 6 SDI or HDMI inputs,
1 with analog audio, 8 channels of files and up to 6 simultaneous outputs

The Mica Series

Mid-sized system with 8 SDI + 1 SDI key cut inputs, 8 channels of files and 6 SDI + 2 DVI outputs

he Granite Series
Large-scale system with 11 or 12 SDI inputs, 8 channel of files and 6 or 12 SDI + 2 DVI outputs


Broadcast Pix Flint

Broadcast Pix Mica

Broadcast Pix Granite


Broadcast Pix 2D and 3D graphic systems have been designed to enhance your video production experience. Their integrated workflows provides users with the ability to create, customize and playout dynamic graphic content with unlimited possibilities.

Broadcast Pix FX3D

Real-time 3D Graphics

Broadcast Pix FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG that allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Powered by a real-time 3D engine, FX3D includes a built-in 3D modeler and user-friendly creation tools. Experience sophisticated 3D motion graphics without the learning curve.


  • Powered by real-time 3D engine
  • Built-in 3D modeler or import standard models
  • Intuitive creation tools with time line-based animations
  • Connect to RSS feeds and databases
  • Complete library of templates, 3D models, textures and animations
  • Learn more about FX3D

Rapid CG

Broadcast Pix Rapid CG

Rapid CG is an available option that streamlines the creation of data-intensive CG graphics with any Broadcast Pix switcher. The Rapid CG system automatically integrates databases, RSS feeds, social media and custom actions, like score keeping, into templates to quickly provide dynamic graphics to your live production. Link to a Daktronics or OES scoreboard to show automatic display results. Simply your workflow with Rapid CG, only available from Broadcast Pix.


  • Perfect application for rapidly changing data
  • Connect to multiple database files and scoreboard data
  • Simplified action buttons
  • Social media integration, with built-in Twitter editor
  • Great for sports, elections, news and game shows 
  • Learn more about Rapid CG

Slow Motion Sports Replay

Broadcast Pix offers exceptional slow motion sports replay systems that will meet the demands of any sports production. Catch and relive all the action with Broadcast Pix ReVue or PixPlay sports replay systems.


Broadcast Pix ReVue

ReVue is the next generation sports replay system that includes a powerful multi-source HD server, easy-to-use controller and intuitive multi-view. Use ReVue seamlessly with a Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher or independently. Deliver every memorable moment with breathtaking results.

Key Features

  • High quality ingest of up to 4 SDI feeds
  • Instant replay from any camera angle, with 2 play out channels
  • Easy to use slow motion controller
  • Dedicated multi-view for all inputs and outputs
  • On-the-fly marking of clips and highlights
  • Unique playback modes for engaging replays
  • Learn more about ReVue


Broadcast Pix PixPlay

This low cost sports replay option allows any Broadcast Pix switcher to provide slow motion control to a Hyperdeck or Ki Pro recorder device. PixPlay offers two forms of slow motion control, manually through the system or by porting VTR control directly to your Broadcast Pix control panel.

Key Features

  • Control playback from a panel with 6 preset speeds
  • Scrub or single step through a scene
  • Unlimited number of "in" points to instantly cue proper scenes
  • All scoring plays can be selected and cued for instant playback
  • Low-cost sports replay solution
  • Learn more about PixPlay

Visual Radio

Broadcast Pix Visual Radio

VOX and VOX Lite

This popular voice-automated production option for visual radio is a quickly growing trend among radio broadcasters. Stations around the world are providing live video feeds of their radio programming via the Internet in an effort to turn listeners into viewers. Paired with a Broadcast Pix system, VOX automatically detects which microphone is active and produces video-follow-audio productions.

Key Features

  • Automate and control every aspect of your production
  • Integrate 4 microphones with VOX Lite and 128 with VOX
  • Control up to 22 robotic cameras
  • Operator optional
  • Ideal for visual radio, government and corporate meetings for television, Internet, and in house-projection
  • Learn more about VOX

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