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Please use this form to contact our Technical Support Department. Include as much information as you know in order to expedite the process as much as possible.

You can also reach the Technical Support Department by phone by calling: (978)-600-1098.

Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm (EST/Boston).
After 5pm feel free to leave a voice message which will be returned the next day.

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By providing the system serial number, we will be able to gain information about your particular system and speed up the support process. Your system serial number should start with GSC for Granite, BPM for Mica or BPF for Flint.
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200px-wcfe-tv_logo.svg.pngThe control surface is nice, pretty intuitive. Whatever changes you make are reflected in the PixButtons, which is nice. It’s got very good bang for the buck. Broadcast Pix does it all in one box at a very attractive price. We like it a lot.”

- Charlie Zarbo
Director of engineering
Mountain Lake PBS (WCFE)
Plattsburgh, N.Y.